Founded in ?stanbul, Turkey in 1976, Polin Waterparks is a Polin Group company and currently a global market leader that provides a complete range of services including designing, engineering, manufacturing and installation of water parks and water play attractions. Polin has completed over 3000 water park projects under its own brand in 105 countries worldwide until now, has underdesigned many novelties in the water park sector as a reflection of its vision comprising three elements namely, “Continuous Innovation”, “World Class Quality” and “Technology Leadership”. Today, guided with the notion of high quality production, Polin manufactures all its products at its 35.000 m² factory in Turkey, which is the world’s largest water slide production facility. Polin is known as the world’s largest brand with a wide range of products and the biggest waterslide supplier in Eurasia.
Polin Waterparks aims to successfully lead and serve the industry through technology and innovation in the global arena and to maintain its pioneering identity. It offers a range of products, including signature rides such as the patented King Cobra, Magic Sphere, Spheres, Magicone, Space Shuttle, Space Race, Storm Racer, Mantis and Stardust.
Polin is the world’s first pioneer in the advancement and application of resin transfer molding (RTM) technology for the production of water slides in the amusement industry. This technolgoy and process is mostly used in the aviation, automotive, and space industries. RTM is a manufacturing method that provides advantages compared to the traditional process of water slide production. RTM allows for the product to be created in less time and with less waste, yet is also stronger and lighter than non-RTM products. Polin has converted 100% of its rides to RTM, and regularly introduced new innovations, including the development of special lighting effects, patterned and transparent composites, sound-integrated components, wooden and metallic finishes, three-dimensional waterslides and unique slide designs.
Polin is the first firm to receive certification as an official R&D Center in the its sector. As a result of Polin’s dedication to innovation, the industry meets the first fully transparent composite waterslide, satisfying the need for a better quality, functional, price-advantaged solution compared to the transparent acrylic components that are typically seen in cruise ship projects.
For additional information, please contact with Sohret Pakis, Director of Marketing and Communications at +90 262 656 64 67 or sohret.pakis@polin.com.tr.
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